Corn and Soybean Farmers Encouraged by Rainstorm, Rising Crop Prices


LACONA, Iowa — Mother Nature provided Iowa’s corn and soybean crops with a gift from above Saturday night.

A storm showered parts of central Iowa with an inch or more of rain, which broke up a weekslong drought in the region. The rain came as many corn and soybean farmers are finishing planting their seeds for the season.

“It takes one rain or one period of dry weather to turn your whole perspective around,” said Randy Miller, who has grown corn and soybeans on his Warren County farm for nearly 30 years. “It’s kind of the school of hard knocks as much as it is trial and error. You take it one day at a time as it comes and you take what Mother Nature throws at you.”

Corn and soybean prices are skyrocketing this years and reaching highs not seen since 2013. Corn futures have grown 7% this year to around $7.50, while soybean futures have risen 7% since the start of the year to about $16.

“We’ve said for the last three years in the trade war that we would much rather have better prices than government aid. That’s what we’re getting now,” Miller said.

Miller says some stalks of corn are already starting to sprout on his farm. He believes the rain provided the needed nourishment for Iowa’s crops to thrive come harvest time.

“Tomorrow, the fields will look completely different than they did Saturday,” Miller said. “Things will start happening.”

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