Convoy of Hope Seeking Volunteers to Help in Flood Cleanup

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GLENWOOD, Iowa — Flood waters have come down in some areas of southwest Iowa. Homeowners are now working to see what it will take to get back into homes.

One group helping is the Christian ministry Convoy of Hope from Springfield, Missouri. The group spent two weeks helping in Nebraska, before recently coming to Glenwood.

Dennis Lincoln’s farm was flooded, and the Convoy crews were there to help gut the basement, which was completely full of water.

“It is hard to comprehend for anybody that’s lived down here on the bottom, we’ve been through several floods and we’ve never seen the water at this depth,” said Lincoln, whose father built the house. “He built the house in the early 70s, and he built it six inches higher than any previous flood in the history of Mills County.”

While there may be many homes in need of work, there are not always many volunteers to help.

“If you want to help, we desperately need volunteers,” said Kevin Binam of Convoy of Hope. “We’re meeting at the Shopko Parking in Glenwood Lot 902 South Locust at 9:00 in the morning.”

For now, the group is working each day — except Sunday.

For an update on needs in Mills County, there is a daily update on the Mills County Emergency Management Agency Facebook page.


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