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DES MOINES, Iowa  —  “We became aware of his potential release,” said Tiffany A. Allison, founder and president of Soaring Hearts Foundation. “We took a look at his criminal history. We had spoken to some of the people that he had perpetrated on previously and became very concerned about his release in the community.”

That fear has now been realized. Allison is warning the public about a convicted sex offender who is on the loose.

“Law enforcement does not know where he is at this time,” said Allison.

Eric Wayne McCuller, 39, was discharged on November 8th, 2017. He was required to be under supervision for the rest of his life while living in the community, but he failed to check in with his parole officer on December 22nd.

McCuller was convicted in 2012 for third degree sexual abuse perpetrated on a young girl.

“We don’t want to see offenders like this out walking the street, especially when they’re not under DOC (Department of Corrections) supervision,” said Allison. “We don’t want to see innocent members of the community now become victims because this offender decides he’s going to perpetrate again.”

After serving time at the Newton Correctional Facility, McCuller was paroled to Fort Des Moines. His last known residence was the Budget Inn on NE 14th St. in Des Moines.

McCuller has several aliases including Izrael Yayeer, Ao Yayeer, Sunnah Emir Shahadah, and Soldier Boy.

Fifth District Fugitive Unit Supervisor Sergeant Brandon Garvey said the amount of time it takes to find a fugitive varies depending upon the person.

“Sometimes it’s really easy to find, depending on how much information we have to work with,” said Sgt. Garvey. “Sometimes it could take weeks, months, you know, just depends on the person that we’re looking for. We have different avenues of getting tips in. We have Crime Stoppers, obviously. Our unit specifically works a lot with other local police departments and we work together trying to find people.”

Sgt. Garvey says while his unit depends on the public for tips, it doesn’t wait for those leads.

“When somebody goes on the run and we’re looking for them and they have a warrant, we have to go talk to people that they know,” he said. “We talk to their families. We talk to girlfriend, boyfriend, whoever that may be and we just try to go onto the next step and just try to find him that way.”

Anyone with any information on the whereabouts of Eric Wayne McCuller is asked to contact police.