CONTROVERSIAL TOPIC: House Passes Abortion Bill

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Both the Senate and the House are focused on the budget as they try to officially wrap up the session.

Health and Human Services is a big piece of that puzzle: a one billion dollar piece in fact.

The challenge with this piece of legislation isn't just the size of it; it's the issues that make it up, specifically- Abortion.

Once the topic of abortion hit the house floor, the discussion became heated.

The amendment would ban abortion, including when the woman's health is at risk and with unintended pregnancies such as those that result from rape and incest.

Democrats say this issue does not belong in this bill.

They say this budget would already be decided on if they had focused on the "basic issues" like education, and basic health care issues rather than "social issues".

Republicans say their amendment would prioritize health care funds and would not allow tax payer dollars to go towards pregnancy termination.

This amendment did  pass in the House, 57 to 37.

Nothing is set in stone yet, the House Bill will now be under review by the Senate, and then, most likely a conference committee.

Representatives say what was discussed Wednesday night only brushes the surface of all the work that was already done. And Democrats say because of the amendment on abortion, there is much more ahead.


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