Congressman Steve King Shares Disputed Images Allegedly Identifying Ukraine Call Whistleblower on Twitter

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WASHINGTON, DC  —  Congressman Steve King on Thursday posted photos of two different men on Twitter, claiming they are of the whistleblower who sparked the impeachment inquiry into President Donald Trump.

In King’s first Tweet he claimed to have “four strong clues” as to the identity of the whistleblower.  The Tweet included four photos of a man posing with Democrats Nancy Pelosi, Hillary Clinton, Charles Schumer and Elizabeth Warren.  The man in the photos was identified by Politifact as Alexander Soros, son of billionaire George Soros.  Politifact says Soros couldn’t be the whistleblower because he is not a government employee.  The only information publicly released about the whistleblower is that he or she is a government employee.  Politifact rated the claims that Soros is the whistleblower as a “Pants on Fire” lie.  King deleted that Tweet but screen captures are being shared online.

King later Tweeted another series of photos of another man, writing “here’s a better clue” as to the whistleblower’s identity.  King did not identify who the man in the second series of photos is.

The identity of the whistleblower has not been made public.  Federal law allows the person to remain anonymous.  He or she is currently under protection from federal law enforcement.

President Trump and congressional Republicans have repeatedly called for the whistleblower’s name to be made public.  They’ve also requested that the whistleblower be called to testify.

Senator Charles Grassley, an Iowa Republican, has defended the whistleblower’s right to remain anonymous.  Grassley says that protection is necessary for government employees to feel safe to report waste or criminal activities.

The whistleblower alerted federal officials to the a phone call between President Trump and Ukranian President Volodymyr Zelensky that took place in July.  Transcripts of that phone call released by the White House show President Trump told Zelensky that a future military contract was dependent on Ukranian officials aiding Rudy Giuliani, the President’s personal lawyer, in an investigation of Hunter Biden, son of Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden.

Channel 13 reached out to King’s office for comment about the Tweets.  They have not responded.



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