DES MOINES, Iowa – Confluence Brewing Company is releasing a new beer Friday.

It’s called “Scars are Beautiful” and was inspired by Jess Klembara, the marketing coordinator at Confluence and a breast cancer previvor who had a preventative mastectomy after she found out she had the BRCA gene.

Klembara said this is the second year of the West Coast IPA. She hopes the artwork on the can reminds women going through their own breast cancer journey of their beauty and strength.

“We’re going to have tough struggles. We’re going to have those times when we’re going to feel really down about ourselves,” Klembara said, “but remind yourself that you have gone through a lot and this beer is here to remind you that you are beautiful.”

Scars are Beautiful will be available at Confluence starting Friday, Nov. 10, as well as other breweries in Iowa and across the country.

In addition to the beer, Klembara also started the Fiercely Brave Foundation to raise awareness, create community, and promote action when it comes to knowing your cancer risk.

You can watch her interview here.