COMPUTER VIRUS: Check For Malware Danger

An old computer virus may create new problems across Iowa and the United States beginning Monday.  It’s a warning for computer users everywhere.

You need to be on the lookout for malware or you may be without the internet.

The FBI is sending a strong message for you to check your personal computer.  A software called DNS Changer may infect thousands of unprotected computers Monday.

Security experts say infected computers probably got the DNS changer through e-mail attachments or by clicking on infected links.

The malware virus first infected computers in 2007.

The FBI created a temporary fix, but as of Monday, that fix will no longer work.

To find out if you’re computer has a problem, go to dns-ok.us.

If you see a green screen, your computer is okay.  If the screen is red, you have a problem.

But don’t worry it’s not hard to fix:

Visit http://dcwg.org/ for more information.

Again you have to do this before Monday, otherwise the fixes gets much more difficult.