Computer ‘Super Bug’ Putting Millions at Risk

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DES MOINES, Iowa — IT security companies and software engineers are working to stop what’s being called a computer “super bug” that has put millions of users at risk.

Researchers recently discovered a flaw in the code “glibc” which could allow hackers to gain control over a device that is linked to the internet.

Glibc is widely used by developers to create the inner workings of apps, servers, and wireless smart home devices like Wi-Fi connected thermostats.

When a device or piece of software tries to access the internet, the flaw allows a window of opportunity for a hacker to insert a malicious piece of code which allows them to control the device with near unlimited authority.

Operating systems like Windows and Mac OSX have been deemed safe because they do not use the glibc code, but operating systems like Linux are exposed.

“A Linux server, they’re used all over the internet and by hosting companies, by companies internally. It could have patient health information, it could have tax records, social security numbers, could have account numbers, you name it that data could be out there on those systems and at risk” said Integrity President and CEO Dave Nelson.

IT security companies like Integrity are alerting their clients to this issue; meanwhile software engineers are busy building patches to protect your devices against the hack.

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