AMES, Iowa- As more information continues to come out on last night’s shooting in Ames, it is now known that the two victims Eden Montang, 21, and Vivian Flores, 22, were students at Iowa State University.

Students and faculty at ISU are feeling many emotions after what happened last night and warn that there really is no safe space.

Many expressed their concern with gun violence nationwide, but say they were shocked to hear about the shooting. They said they no longer feel the sense of security they had before knowing this happened in a community like Ames so close to campus.

“I thought wow, like, these are people like I probably even see every day and that just happened like that,” said Jai-le Simmons, a student at ISU. 

“You always worry like, I know I was worried about some of my friends and if they were attending church that night, so again, it’s really scary and it’s something that you don’t want to have to worry about and maybe because of all the recent events, it’s something that we have to worry about now, which is really, really scary,” said Keenan Peters, a student at ISU. 

ISU’S President said they will have counseling services and assistance available for students at home or on campus this summer.