Community Members Support Small Businesses Amid Pandemic


DES MOINES, Iowa — After experiencing a difficult year because of the pandemic, local businesses were excited about Small Business Saturday.

Some were surprised by the amount of support they received from the community on Saturday.

“Today has actually been really great,” said Meredith Wells.

Wells co-owns the store MoMere in Valley Junction with her mother, Kay Schiller. Wells said despite the adding safety precautions around the store, they were happy to receive crowds of people. 

“We have a little line at the door which people are being appreciative of. We are also wiping down surfaces constantly throughout the day. Our staff is [also] taking extra precaution,” said Wells. 

Across town, businesses like the Velvet Coat in the East Village are also putting safety first. 

“We have hand sanitizers; we sterilize every dressing room after everybody leaves. We re-steam the garments to kill any germs that may be on the garments,” said Julia Talerico, the manager of the Velvet Coat.

Customers who participated in small business Saturday also took notice of the extra precautions put in place. 

“I definitely appreciate that they’re trying to have it be a safe shopping experience of people social distancing,” said Grant Wilson, a shopper on Small Business Saturday.

Although business owners are getting used to a new way of doing business, they are happy to receive support from the community. 

“I think more and more people are realizing through the pandemic it’s so important to shop local because it is the flavor of every community,” said Talerico. 


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