Community Challenges People to Make Three Changes

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ALTOONA, Iowa -- This year, leaders of one metro community are challenging you to make three changes. The goal is to improve health, but the suggestions are about more than working on your body.

Nancy Eichmann is taking steps to improve her life. She says, "I have a tendency to overdo and keep myself too busy."

She's challenging herself to change that by reading more for fun, spending more time with her husband and eating healthier snacks. She says, "The third one has to do with the fact that I've found myself creeping into some unhealthy snacking."

She signed up for the Change 3 Challenge. It's a pledge through the Healthy Altoona Partnership to be more mindful in your life. Terri Henkels with the Healthy Altoona Partnership says, "We're encouraging people to take three activities and really for the next three months try to embed them in your lives."

The Healthy Altoona Partnership teamed up with the city, library and Altoona Campus. More than 25 people from Altoona, surrounding communities and even Florida have already signed up on the group's website. Henkels says, "We don't care where you're from because it just helps people get healthier, and we really want them to be well. And, it's not just about physical health."

Exercise of course is a popular new year's resolution. But, the change 3 challenge is about more than just that. Henkels says, "We have all kinds of activities that you can engage in that aren't going to feel overwhelming, that you don't feel like you can be successful at, and maybe you'll get to a point where you can take on those bigger issues."

Ideas include laughing more, scheduling a physical, cutting back on social media, eating more nuts, taking nature walks and even playing more with your pet. Henkels says, "A lot of times doing big changes is really hard, but the little changes can lead to the bigger changes occurring naturally."

Eichmann hopes her changes help as she works to live life to the fullest this year. She says, "I try to keep mine within reach because there's nothing that adds value quite like succeeding."

You can find out more about the Healthy Altoona Partnership and sign up for the Change 3 Challenge by clicking here. A forum is also on the group’s Facebook page to help people share their goals and how they’re doing with their three changes. The free challenge runs through April 5th.


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