Community Assisting Central Iowa BBQ Restaurant to Help Haiti

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HUXLEY, Iowa — A local barbecue restaurant is pitching in to help Haiti and their community is lending a hand.

“A couple of days it was just the extra tip money or quarters of what is left of their change,” said Deanna Fabaus, Co-Owner of B Fabulous BBQ in Huxley. “Today, after the lunch hour, I looked inside the bucket and there was $200 in there and I was shocked.”

Owners Deanna and Billie, of B Fabulous BBQ in Huxley, are also co-founders of a non-profit called Climb for Haiti, which began one year ago. The initial plan was to mentor youth on the streets in the Haitian city of Les Cayes and create opportunities for them to improve their living conditions.

The hurricane switched their purpose into relief mode. Deanna says they put out a donation bucket for customers on Friday and the support they’ve received has motivated their passion to help Haiti.

“It’s hard, we have friends there that we love and we can’t get there fast enough,” she said. “I’m going in a month and we just want to help them. The fact that we can share this with people here, it helps us not feel alone.”

Billie and Deanna say 100 percent of the donations will go directly to help those in Haiti. The owners say a friend has agreed to match the total of donations they receive at the restaurant.

If you would like to donate directly to Climb for Haiti visit their website by clicking here.


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