DES MOINES, Iowa — A local event was back for its second year to showcase not only the coolest cars in the metro, but also its diverse community.

The Young Patriots Club hosted the second annual Beaverdale Car Show, spearheaded by TBM Entertainment co-founder Les Mwirichia.

“The thing about cars is they come in all shapes and sizes and colors so as people we come that way too,” Mwirichia said.

Many attendees were in awe from the dozens of new and classic cars on display inside the Franklin Junior High event venue parking lot. Vendors had grills hot and ready while sketch artists were putting their talents on canvas. Kids enjoyed balloon animals in a family friendly environment.

While local mascots Alpha from the Iowa Wolves and Viktor the Viking from Grand View University provided some star power the real spotlight throughout the day was bringing people together. Mwirichia said, “People like being together. As human beings it is instilled in us to be around eachother. I don’t think we are meant to be alone (34) so people can come out and get food and cars are a good reason for people to come out it’s eye candy and so it’s automatic to get people out

Proceeds from the event will benefit the Oak Ridge Neighborhood.