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DES MOINES, Iowa  —  “I`m just a humble freelance writer/comedian in Des Moines, Iowa,” said Ben Gran, a comedian and National Politics Writer for Paste Magazine.

Gran, who was a speechwriter for Governor Tom Vilsack from 2002-2004, now writes jokes for a living, but he didn’t find anything funny in a recent action taken by a Republican Lawmaker.

“I saw on Facebook that a Republican State Senator from Adel named Jake Chapman had posted publicly on Facebook that someone had made a donation to Planned Parenthood in his name,” said Gran. “He had posted a picture of the letter from Planned Parenthood acknowledging his donation and on that letter he was sharing this private citizen`s name and home address contact information.”

The post has since been taken down, but not before causing an uproar.

“A lot of people were kind of upset about this, and I actually made a video on Facebook criticizing Senator Jake Chapman rather harshly for his decision to share this private citizen`s home info for the possible incitement of harassment by an angry mob of people on the internet,” said Gran.

Gran had some harsh words for Chapman in the video that he posted in response to Senator Chapman’s post.

“People are literally going to die from what these Republicans are trying to do to Planned Parenthood, so I`m not going to be polite and civil and respectful about this,” said Gran, regarding the nature of his rhetoric.

And that disrespectful mindset was demonstrated in a message exchange with Senator Chapman on Facebook, in which Gran wrote “next time your wife needs some attention from a real man, call me.”

“He (Senator Chapman) gave me a thumbs up, so I don`t know what that`s all about,” said Gran, describing Senator Chapman’s response to the vulgar message.

Gran is using the feud to draw attention to his upcoming show titled “Ben Gran Saves Planned Parenthood.” Gran says he’s not exploiting a political issue to benefit his career.

“I`m giving away all the money from this show. Even if the show sucks, like I don`t get paid. So, I just want to make that abundantly clear, like I am getting no money from this show,” said Gran.

To hear Senator Chapman’s response, click here.