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Thousands lined up for a race promoted as the happiest 5K on the planet.  The national color run made a stop in Des Moines, bringing out more runners and walkers than the organization had ever seen.

As soon as runners crossed the starting line, the event started to get colorful. The 5K Color Run brought out 30,000 runners to downtown Des Moines.

Event organizers say they created the run as a fun way to encourage people to be active, and from there it’s just skyrocketed with popularity.

“I think it’s so popular because it’s not timed, it’s just for fun, it’s different, everyone starts in white and ends in color, it’s just a good way for people to get out and exercise,” says Color Run staff member Shannon Masters.

Each runner is given a packet of colored powder made out of cornstarch, on top of that hundreds of volunteers throw the powder as runners passed by.

Participants end the race looking more like a rainbow, making it a race like none other.

“It’s just a lot of fun, I’ve done the Dam to Dam and other races but this was just a lot more relax and a good time,” says Brian Larkin.

Organizers say Des Moines’ race was the biggest they’ve held to date, making it an event 30,000 strong couldn’t resist.

The event had so many people sign up, organizers had to hold two different runs Saturday afternoon.

As well as Des Moines’ race, three other cities around the U.S. also hosted a color run Saturday.