Colo Restaurant Producing Toffee For a National Market

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COLO, Iowa — A local Story County Landmark, the Country House Cafe has been serving up home-cooked meals for over thirty years. During that time one of the owners, Sandy Fritz began selling her home-made toffee. It sold well by the cash register, and people would come back asking for it. One local businessman started giving the toffee to his customers for Christmas. Soon his customers no longer wanted calendars or mugs, they told him, they wanted the toffee.

With that background the family decided that maybe it was time to up their game, and send toffee to a wider audience. Brothers Matt, Jeremy, and James, and James’ wife Molly all joined to help make, market, and sell the product.

Sandy learned the recipe for toffee, watching her mother make it.

“I stood by and watched what she did, and I just enjoyed doing it, I,” said Sandy. “I decided that I would try this toffee recipe, I failed at it twice, and for some reason I kept going with it, and I perfected it the third time, and it was delicious.”

Even after making all that toffee, her family agrees.

“I ate a quarter pound of it about 2:06 in the morning is when I woke up,” said James Fritz.

“It’s exciting to be able to work with my Mom and Dad almost everyday ,making toffee,” said Jeremy Fritz. “Its fun to have them be excited about something we can do together.”

James and wife Molly have been working at some locations around Iowa selling the tasty toffee.

“People that don’t even like toffee, I would convince them to try it, and they’d end up buying two or three cans from us,” said James. He’s even watched people take a sample, and thirty seconds later come back to purchase.

“It’s a product we believe in,” said Molly. “Once you start you can’t stop, it’s gym membership worthy.”

The family contacted a renowned marketing firm from San Diego to see if they would help them.

“We stumbled across a company in San Diego called Idea Pros, they’re basically a company that takes your idea and helps you evolve it,” said James. “We sent our toffee out to them, and that’s when they got back to us immediately and started putting us through the process.

The family members often enjoy sitting around, talking, and joking with one another.

I like the fact that our family is involved, and it’s all ours,” said James “We’re not jumping off the shoulders of somebody else, we’re building this ourselves.

“We’ve been blessed beyond measure, and after Sandi and I are gone I want this business to be something that holds my family together,” said John Fritz.

If you would like to know more about Fritz Toffee, check their Facebook page.



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