COLO, Iowa — Colo-NESCO High School sophomore Christian Oswalt died while driving to school this week at just 16-years-old, but his football teammates made sure his legacy of positivity would be remembered on the field.

The Royals wore Oswalt’s uniform number, 2, on their helmets for their last game of the year Friday night. Additionally, every Colo-NESCO player wore a shirt with Oswalt’s name and number under their pads.

“It still doesn’t feel real, but the game is going to be huge for him and for us,” said teammate Nolan Smith.

The team also took a moment of silence before the game and ran their first play with one player missing from the field in Oswalt’s honor.

“It’s very emotional,” said Spencer Hansen, who plays quarterback — Oswalt’s position. “We have our own way to cope. Some are hurt more than others.”

Oswalt was driving to Colo-NESCO from Ames on Highway 30 Monday morning when he crashed into the back of a trailer. He died shortly after, and the high school called an assembly later that day to tell all of the students about his death.

“To see the reaction of the students and the team when they found out was a pretty hard moment,” said Colo-NESCO football coach David Greenfield.

While Oswalt’s death is a sad moment for the school district, his teammates are trying their best to channel the positivity that made him such an important part of the community.

“Every single person on this team can agree that Christian was honestly the glue of everything,” Hansen said.

“They’ve had to grow up in just a few days, and they’ve thrived with that,” said Greenfield. “As a team and as a community, we’ve really come together these past few days.”

Colo-NESCO beat Green Mountain-Garvin 78-22.