DES MOINES, Iowa — One metro hardware store owner says the freezing weather is giving him a break from weeks of high traffic. When the forecast calls for snow, they’re busy. When the forecast calls for sub-zero, they’re busy. When the weather actually goes into the minus zone, customers stay warm at home.

“If it gets cold enough they might be looking for a space heaters, gloves, heavy winter gloves, that sort of thing,” said Steve Anderson, Assistant Manager for O’Donnell Ace Hardware on University, in Des Moines. “Generally we start getting road condition reports they’re looking for that ice melt, we do a lot of volume of ice melt during bad weather.”

The store works to order what customers might need. That can be difficult if you don’t know long range what the weather is going to do.

“We’re very much weather driven you know, even when it’s hot, when it’s cold, people sometimes they stay at home,” said Anderson. “Right now all the side streets are really bad they’re really slippery people come in maybe for some yak tracks for traction they might want an ice chipper we because it’s not cold enough for it to melt too much.”

The store works to be a neighborhood store as an alternative to going to big box stores. Customers are often known to stop in when the forecast calls for bad weather, they come in to stock up, kind of like people do when they go to buy bread and milk, prior to a storm.