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A crime drama managed to do what the Jasper County Sheriff’s Office worked on for 31-years, make an arrest in a double murder from 1983.

Theresa Supino has a public defender handling her case. She’s charged with killing her estranged-husband and his girlfriend at a Jasper County ranch.

According to Jasper County Sheriff, John Halferty, Supino’s co–worker claims Supino said, “Me and my brother killed someone” back in 2001. Halferty also says Supino has changed her story about the murders over the course several police interviews dating back to 1983.

Supino is scheduled to make her first court appearance on Monday.

The evidence that led to an arrest could come on March 21st, when television cable network, TNT, will air a show called, “Cold Justice,” a documentary about the murders.

The crime drama’s involvement in the case is also raising other questions.

“Cold Justice” joined the case in 2012 providing resources, guidance, and insight into the investigation. The Jasper County Attorney would only tell us that “Cold Justice” digitized the audio from old witness interviews. However, criminal defense experts say televising the case could cause harm to the trial.

“It will certainly cause pre-jury questionnaire to be generated as a pretrial precaution against taint from the pretrial publicity,” says Drake University Director of Criminal Defense, Robert Rigg.

Regardless of the cases’ TV exposure, Rigg says gathering accurate information and evidence will be an added challenge because of the length of time between the murders and the arrest.