COLD IMPACT: Insect Numbers Could Be Affected

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As cold temperatures take a grip on Iowa again some are wondering if all the cold could kill off some pesky insects that appear this spring and summer.

The answer is “maybe.”

The experts say there are a lot of variables at play. Insect survival rates depend on everything from the species of bug to where they spend the winter — and what the rest of the season will bring.

It’s unlikely the cold will have killed off things like emerald ash borer in the numbers we would have hoped for, but other pests like bagworms will likely be impacted.

“We can expect some insects to be impacted, definitely,” says horticulturist Duane Gissel. “But it’s not going to cure us of all the insects that bug us, no pun intended there.”

Keep in mind, even if the insect population is down by the end of this cold winter season it won’t take much time at all for the bugs to repopulate and bounce back to their normal numbers.

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