Cold Couldn’t Keep Dog Owners Inside

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DES MOINES, Iowa — Joan Crees was doing what she could on Wednesday Morning to keep the sidewalks near the Eastside Senior Center safe, and to stay warm.

“I’m out here icing down the sidewalks after I snowblew them,” said Crees. “Just dressing with as many layers as I can and going inside and warming up quite often.”

People around town could be seen shoveling. Some dogs stayed inside, while others wanted to get out and run around. Roberta Gamble said the cold didn’t faze her Siberian Huskies.

“I don’t have to do much to keep them warm,” said Gamble. “They’ve got the coats for this weather. I keep an eye (on them) if they’re constantly, maybe gnawing at their feet, because they like to take the ice off, if it builds up, but they can stay out here for an hour or more. It`s if I can handle the hour.”

Denise Donald’s Scottie Poodle Mix named “Pippa” was also out enjoying the cold.

“She thinks she doesn`t mind it,” said Donald. “But she’s all cuddle up when we get inside again and we`re here, because she’s eight months old, and she’s full of energy. so, we need to run some of that off, so she doesn’t drive the others at home crazy.”

The Des Moines Fire Department has recommended that people limit their time outside and has also urged caution when it comes to people getting out on the ice.

“We`re into that time of the year where you see more people going through the ice,” said Lieutenant Chris Clement. “And, even though it’s really cold, that can be deceiving, especially with the amount of snow that we have, it tends to insulate the ice. It takes a good, probably three to four inches of solid ice for it to really be considered safe for a person to walk on and we really don’t have any more than that right now.”


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