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Des Moines police are investigating a south side home after receiving a tip about a link to the possible homicide of a woman in 1960.

Investigators say they received a credible tip in the case of Darlene Fitchett. The woman was in her 30s when was last seen in 1960.

Because of the tip, investigators used ground radar to examine the basement floor of the home at 608 Pleasant View Drive in Des Moines.

The data gathered from the radar is being tested to determine if there were any anomalies. The results will help police decide whether to excavate the site.

Neighbors hope police find something that will give the family closure.

“Her sister from Montana called me after seeing my house was for sale,” says neighbor Marla Hill. “She said her sister had disappeared in that house and she thought her husband had killed her and buried her in the basement.”

Des Moines police haven’t said who tipped them off.