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The unusual timing of an arrest in a murder cold case has some questioning whether its justice or publicity that’s being sought after.

The daughter of the woman arrested for a 31-year-old double murder says her mother is behind bars to boost the ratings of a television show.

On Monday, Theresa Supino was charged with the 1983 murders of her estranged husband and his girlfriend.  But on Wednesday, Supino’s daughter said she questions the timing and the reasoning behind the arrests.

Casey Supino said she’s grown up hearing the rumors that her mom, Theresa or Terri Supino, killed her father and his girlfriend.  The pair was killed in March of 1983.

When her mom was arrested for the crime this week, 31-years to the day after the murders, Casey said she wanted proof.  She read the criminal complaint looking for the answers and says they just aren’t there.

“It’s not giving me those answers.  It’s not telling me that my mom’s a murderer,” said Casey Supino.

Some of the new information in the statement says Terri Supino allegedly told a co-worker in 2001 that ‘me and my brother killed someone’.  But Casey says that shouldn’t be enough for an arrest.

“I’ve come into this with an open mind from the beginning.  I’ve had people telling me my whole life that my mom’s a murderer,” she said.

“I’ve struggled with this my entire life.  You have to prove to me that she’s a murderer and I’ll accept that,” she said.

The criminal complaint does not address that prior to the arrest, the TNT series “Cold Justice” was in town to investigate the crime.  A press conference was held when Supino was arrested, on the 31-year anniversary of the crime, despite the warrant being signed three days earlier on Feb. 28.

Casey said she thinks her mother’s arrest is more about television ratings than justice.

“Even if they did it the day they had, the warrant still would have gotten attention.  But not quite the flair you’re looking for,” Casey said.