CLIVE, IOWA — The City of Clive has a $100 million plan to build for their future, over the next five years. The City Council has approved a plan to spend the money in making the community more connected in terms of getting from place to place.

 “Because Clive now is a landlocked community which means that we’re not gonna be able just go further and further west,” said Peter De Kock, Clive Assistant City Manager. “We need to be turning our focus to redevelopment and Clive as well development, the focus area right now is the 86 Street neighborhood in Clive.

Part of that includes a make-over for Linnan Park. That includes making a way for pedestrians to cross busy 86th Street to reach the Clive Green Belt on foot.

Another big project which is being done by the Iowa Department of Transportation is a new interchange at Hickman Road, and I-80/35. 

 “That not only is servicing our community, but really the entire metro area, ” said De Kock. “This is one of those investments that we’re making collectively between Urbandale and Clive and Iowa DOT so make sure the people have safe ways to get from the west side of the metro all the way to the center and then the center out to the growing very quickly growing west side.”

De Kock said the DOT is projecting a 35% increase in traffic from now by 2042.

Even though Clive is now a land-locked, in terms of being surrounded by other communities, the town is still building homes by the hundreds in the northwest corner of town, west of Alice’s Road.

“Beautiful new homes that are going up and we appreciate that the excellent investment we’ve seen from the private sector to help build a wonderful new spot in Clive,” said De Kock.

Clive is also working on a comprehensive plan along University to develop that area. West Des Moines, also borders University has already approved the plan, the Clive City Council will take that up in January.