CLIVE, Iowa — The Clive Public Library announced Wednesday the elimination of fines on overdue materials from the Clive Public Library and its branch location at the Harbach Center. Fine free checkouts will begin on July 1.

Richard Brown, director of Leisure Services, said they are excited to join the movement of fine free libraries.

“It’s important that the library remains a place that is open and easily accessible to all patrons and we hope that the elimination of fines on overdue materials will help visitors to feel welcome,” Brown said. “We also hope that this will encourage past patrons to visit the library that may have outstanding fines to come back to the library again.”

There is a growing movement around the state to eliminate overdue or missing items fines. The public libraries of Ames and Waukee have fine free policies and the Des Moines Public Library has a fine free policy on kids and teens materials.

According to the Urban Libraries Council, the ‘Fine Free Movement’ aims to reduce barriers, like fines or fees, that can prevent people from accessing the resources that libraries provide. The council has provided an interactive map that shows libraries from across the U.S. that have enacted the fine free policy and why.

The Clive Public Library will have a period of amnesty on outstanding fines and overdue materials from July 1 to December 31. Items overdue or lost items that are returned will be accepted and fines will be waived. Fines will also be forgiven for materials that were returned late.

In order to benefit from the amnesty, you must call or visit the library. For more information on the policy please visit the City of Clive’s website.