CLIVE, Iowa — Pellet guns with uncanny resemblances to real handguns have been apprehended from multiple teenagers in the span of a week, the Clive Police Department said.

According to a post on Facebook, officers with the Clive Police Department have responded to several weapons trip calls where teenagers allegedly pass off pellet guns as real handguns.

The pellet guns that have been apprehended so far shoot a .177 caliber projectile, which can cause injuries, the police said. In the Facebook post the police warned that the pellet gun’s similarity to real handguns could lead to deadly circumstances for the individual carrying them.

One teenager allegedly brought one of these pellet guns to the Crestview School of Inquiry and brandished it at another student after classes had been dismissed on November 3, the police said. That teenager was later arrested and charged with Intimidation with a Dangerous Weapon.

“The resemblance to a real firearm is uncanny, and under the wrong circumstances could have had a devastating effect to those involved, their families, and the community as a whole,” Lieutenant Mark Rehberg said.

The Clive Police Department is asking parents not to purchase these pellet guns for their child, and if their child already has one to consider taking it back.