Clive Looking to Build New 15.2 Million Dollar Public Safety Building

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CLIVE, Iowa –On August 6 Clive voters will consider adding a one percent local options sales tax to the Polk County portion of Clive to build the public safety building.

The city of Clive wants to put a combined fire and police department at 8800 Hickman road. The site of the old Slumberland Furniture. The property was purchased for 1.6 million dollars and the public safety building will cost 15.2 million.

“We’ve actually been in need of it since I’ve been on the council which is about nine years. The current facility is very outdated, it’s too small,” said Clive City Councilman Ted Weaver.

The original building was designed to serve a population of 11,000. The population now is over 18,000 and is expected to grow even more. Weaver says this building won’t just benefit Clive.

“We have an agreement with Urbandale to do closest unit response. Whichever fire station is available will then be able to respond to those residents whether they live in Urbandale or Clive. If you have a health emergency or a fire emergency you don’t care what the sign is on the fire truck or the ambulance” he said.

Weaver says the local option sales tax will pay for the building itself. If the vote fails the city will increase property taxes by 65 cents per $1000 of value. One resident says she’s glad the building is going up one way or another.

“We thought, great! We wanted it there. I mean, the building is empty so much of the time and no businesses can seem to work there. So hey, why not the police and the fire?” said Myrna Fligg.

Fligg and her husband Roger are both in their late 70s. The building would be built right behind their home, and the couple says that’s great for them.

“Sometimes Roger might be out of town or something and I’m here, but even if we’re both gone, it’s just very comforting I think,” said Fligg.

A local option sales tax was already approved in the Dallas County portion of Clive back in 2017.

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