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CLIVE, Iowa– More rain means more erosion problems for a group of homeowners in Clive.

At least one homeowner is worried he could lose his home.

Ralph Amodeo used to enjoy picking fruit off his mulberry tree.

“My yard used to go up to that and that was all grass up to there and all the way across you can look across and see how much of it is gone,” Ralph Amodeo from Clive said.

Now half his yard is gone, and his tree is inaccessible.

Amadeo blames erosion, that’s caused in part by heavy rain.

“My biggest fear is that I am going to be laying there one night and I am going to hear a crack and go for a ride down the hill,” Amodeo said.

Amodeo isn’t the only one, six other properties on a stretch of 120th are experiencing erosion too.

“They don’t have it as bad as me I got it the worst,” Amodeo said. “I am looking for someone to help me this is not my fault, I did not cause this”.

We found out it’s not the city’s fault either, the city doesn’t own the land or the creek, which is also part of the problem.

“The issues are on private property and the homeowner’s association behind his property where the drainage and that’s considered a private property issue at this point,” Clive City Manager Matt McQuillen said.

The city can step in to help, but only if the city owned sewer line that runs under Amodeo’s property is affected.

“Our staff checks that sewer every year because we hear from Mr. Amodeo and we feel at this time it will be several years before the sewer is threatened because of its depth,” Clive City Manager Matt McQuillen said.

The city says finding the money to fix city erosion problems is tough enough.

“Due to the limited amount of funding the city can give we can only support public infrastructure at this time,” McQuillen said.

Amodeo just hopes this $5,000 retaining wall holds up, so he doesn’t end up sliding down the hill, into the creek.

We reached out to Rick Kraus, he is listed as the secretary of the Hickory Hills Lake Home Owners Association and we’re waiting for a call back.