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DES MOINES, — A dark cloud hovered over the Clinton campaign Friday as news broke about a new batch of emails being looked at by the FBI.  “The FBI has already released her from any wrongdoing so it’s not, in my mind, it has nothing to do with the election,” said John Judge referring to FBI Director James Comey this past July.

But, positive energy blasted through the Des Moines Roosevelt gymnasium as new polls show Republican Donald Trump and Secretary Hillary Clinton in a dead heat in Iowa.  Secretary Clinton remained on message and encouraged early voter turnout in Iowa.  “We’ve got to keep our foot on the gas. Donald Trump says he can win this election and he’s right.”

With less than two weeks until election day, Secretary Clinton touted herself as a candidate for all and said, “People who vote for me and against me, I will work just as hard for everybody to get ahead and stay ahead in America.”

Despite her lack of acknowledgement at the rally, attendees were well aware of the emails being looked at by the FBI.  It seemed as though their minds were made up, and they are standing with her.
“Although the emails are a problem, they are not as huge a reason for me and I’m sure other Americans as well.”  Ruth Thompson said,  “People who want to dislike Hillary, for whatever reason, are going to find a way.”

Nosa Ali, a Roosevelt senior who introduced Secretary Clinton says she’s more upset with how Trump has categorized people like her.  “I’m an African-American woman who is Muslim and an immigrant refugee. I’m in every group he fears.”

Others questioned the possible change in information about those private emails.  Cassandra Flomo, a retired teacher of 43 years asked, “Why does it come out right before the election?  You just wonder and it’s kind of suspicious.”

Secretary Clinton and her supporters feel she is the true change the country needs, “Let’s prove once and for all that love trumps hate.”

When addressing gun violence across the country, Clinton also made mention to Yore Jieng, the 14 year old Roosevelt student who was shot in the head on Monday along Keo Way. Police still have not found a suspect in the shooting and Yore remains in critical condition.