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ATLANTIC, Iowa — The tornado did not stay in Cass County long. However, the damage it caused will take some time to repair. Jim Pellett has farmed his land for over 50 years. Only one time had he seen a bad storm, that was in 1980.

“Probably worse than what we thought last night there’s more widespread destruction,” said Pellet. “Kind of a morning of discovery and trying to figure out what our next plan of action of action is, We found the cattle, they’re fine been around still out there grazing at the present time, we finally got water now, so we can get the Get the cattle back in get them fed.”

Pellett said investigators from the National Weather Service had visited his farm to determine the type of tornado or winds which caused this damage. They determined the Atlantic tornado to be an EF-2, with winds up to 120 miles per hour. The storm traveled 26 miles on the ground.

“We had one tornado, it started just west of Atlantic near our airport and went northeast up towards the interstate,” said Mike Kennon, Emergency Manager for Cass County. “It affected quite a few farmsteads along the way, you know we’re close enough to the City of Atlantic in and between the interstate, we just have a lot of farmsteads in this area.”