Cleanup in Marshalltown After Damage to Iowa Veterans Home

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MARSHALLTOWN, Iowa- Storms Wednesday caused some major damage to the Iowa Veterans Home here. The entire roof on the Sheeler Building was peeled off, and is being called a total loss. The campus also had damage to a couple of other buildings.

Our residents are fine we had no resident or staff injuries,” said Susan Wilkinson, Interim Commandant at the Iowa Veterans Home. “We train for this type of scenario,staff responded as we expected them to, and focused on resident safety.

Contractors were moving in to work on a new roof to replace the damaged one. The front office switchboard was moved to another building, as small amounts of water leaked into the Sheeler Building, which serves as the administration area for the Iowa Veterans Home.

The campus also has a number of trees down, including some which were rather large.

“We have lots of support, we have state resources that have come up to help us, our maintenance staff are currently out,” said WIlkinson. “We have been overwhelmed by support from the community, lots of offers from community people who want to come and help pick up branches.”

So far there is no estimate on what it will cost to repair the damage here.

Just south of the Iowa Veterans Home dozens of contractors were working to remove trees felled by the storm. Some trees here were rather large.

Cody Brown is a tree contractor from Brooklyn Iowa. His phone started ringing early Thursday morning. He has over 20 jobs lined up, all from downed trees.

“It could be all week, it could be all could be a couple of weeks,” said Brown. “As long as people’s power is on that’s the main thing, give me time I’ll get there and I will get it cleaned up for them.”


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