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CLARKSVILLE, Iowa — A northeast Iowa dairy farm has entered a contest to help achieve a dream. New Day Dairy is becoming Iowa’s first bed and breakfast where you can “sleep with the cows.” They bill it as “Iowa’s Only Authentic Farm Stay.”

The New Day Dairy Guest Barn has three bedrooms, each with a private bathroom. From a common loft, guests can watch the dairy cows 24/7. The 150 cows are milked around the clock with a robot.

“There’s an automated milking system from AMS Galaxy USA,” said Dan Bolin, owner of New Day Dairy. “That automated milking system is open to the cows. They’re free to go and get milked anytime they chose.”

Dan and wife, Lynn, realized people want to know where their food comes from. Lynn grew up in a suburb of the Twin Cities in Minnesota.

“Our milk goes to a cheese plant in Luana, Iowa, and gets made into cream cheese and Swiss cheese,” said Lynn. “Now, people can come here and stay close to where their food, milk, yogurt, ice cream is produced every day.”

New Day Dairy will begin taking overnight visitors soon on Airbnb. In the meantime, the couple has entered a contest through the Farm Bureau for new businesses to win cash to boost their business.

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