DES MOINES, IOWA — Claes Oldenburg, a world-renowned sculptor who brought two unique pieces of public art to Des Moines, has died at the age of 93 at home in Manhattan the Washington Post reports.

Oldenburg created some of the world’s most recognizable pop art – including the Spoonbridge and Cherry in Minneapolis and the nine-story tall Batcolumn in Chicago. Iowans will recognize two of his works in the metro – Plantoir, a large red garden trowel outside of Meredith’s Des Moines offices, and Crusoe Umbrella, the massive green umbrella at Cowles Commons.

Oldenburg famously once announced a plan to replace the Washington Monument with a giant pair of scissors. According to the Post, Oldenburg wrote “like the scissors, the U.S.A. is screwed together, two violent parts destined in their arc to meet as one.”