City of Des Moines Brings Satisfaction Survey to the 21st Century

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DES MOINES, Iowa – The city of Des Moines is letting residents fill out satisfaction surveys online for the first time.

For the past two decades the city of Des Moines mailed out forms to random households across the city to hear feedback about different ways to improve the city.

City of Des Moines Performance Manager Laura Graham said the city uses a third-party company to select the households.

“Our biggest hope is that the work that we do with the city is always aligning with the needs and expectations of our community members. That’s our number one priority, because they are our tax payers, they are our most important part of our community and we want to make sure we are serving them,” Graham said.

The survey asks people a broad range of questions that follows the council’s goals. Some of those areas include: a high performing city organization, livable community and upgraded buildings, and infrastructure.

Graham said a survey done a few years ago helped bring a new feature to its community parks.

“One of the items on the council’s strategic plan was to take a look at how important bathrooms in our community parks were. So that question was put out there. It was a priority in the council strategic plan and it came out as being one of the important factors for the parks department and so that helped us factor that into the budget. So, they are working towards putting bathrooms in parks,” Graham said

Graham said in 2016 the city received over 900 surveys. The city expects to receive at least 1,300 this year because of the new online feature.

Graham said that the city is focusing on four revitalization neighborhoods. To keep with the random sampling tradition they would like for the people who received the survey to fill it out, but any resident can go online and take the survey here.

In a few weeks the city will have its data results and will present to the council their findings.


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