City of Bondurant Approves Construction of Distribution Center, Neighbors Respond

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BONDURANT, Iowa — City of Bondurant officials recently approved the plans for a major distribution center to be built north of Interstate 80.

The 780,000-square-foot “Project Bluejay” distribution facility will be built on 165 acres just north of the Wolf Creek neighborhood in Bondurant.

“This is a huge project for us. By far the largest economic development project we’ve ever worked on. It’s certainly very exciting as well because it has jobs that come with it,” City Administrator Marketa Oliver said.

But when many neighbors first heard about the project, they were concerned about more semi trucks and congestion in their area.

“When I have to drive all the way out here from Bondurant, it might be tougher. And you know the safety end of it; there’s kids running around and it could be a problem,” Bondurant resident Chad Rahm said.

Oliver said they are taking the added traffic into account by widening NE 32nd/62nd streets to make it a three-lane road and making sure semi trucks use Highway 65.

“The building is pushed as far north on the property as possible and the entrance and exit for the semi traffic is off of Highway 65, which that street is designed for semi traffic,” Oliver said.

Rahm said he wasn’t expecting to live across from a distribution center when he moved in about 10 years ago.

“I wasn’t expecting this to eventually turn out that way. I was expecting to be out in the country and see corn fields and what not. And with that aspect, I love seeing harvest and I love seeing the crops grow in the spring, and now we are not going to have that,” Rahm said.

Oliver said the distribution center will improve the local economy and bring in more than 1,000 jobs.

Rahm said he does appreciate that the project will boost the economy.

“Right now we kind of lack it over there, and having this coming in would definitely boost our economy locally,” Rahm said.


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