AMES, Iowa — Ames’ city council voted to increase fines for nuisance parties during Iowa State University’s opening weekend. The increase in fines goes into effect Friday at 5:00 p.m. and will last until 4:00 a.m. Sunday.

The fines for the first offense of a nuisance party used to be $100 but will now be raised to $650. Chief Geoff Huff of the Ames Police Department said that the increased fines will help curb bad behavior which they’ve seen a rise in past years.

“I would use the word embarrassing for some of the behaviors that we saw. Way too many people at large parties and a lot of people coming in from out of town that don’t care about Ames — they don’t care what happens while they’re here because they’re going to go home. That was the part that got our attention and led us to believe we have to do something different,” Huff said.

During opening weekend illegally parked cars in Ames’ Campus Town will also be towed immediately.