City of Ames Electric Restoring Service


AMES, Iowa — At the start of Thursday morning, the City of Ames Electrical Utility had around two thousand customers still without power. Over 80% of the town has power restored.

The utility was able to restore it’s power feeder lines coming into town, and was able to get power substations back up and running.

That was the easy part. Now it gets more difficult for those still waiting for power.

“The power to these homes are overhead, so not only are we rebuilding distribution lines we’re having to take out trees and rebuild those single phase distribution lines to many homes,” said Donald Kom, Director of the Ames Municipal Electric Utility. “We have three crews in here today that came in from other cities to help and so we’ve been dispatching them with our own crews and they been extremely helpful.”

One crew member from Webster City said they only had a few power issues when the storm blew through, so they were able to come assist in Ames.

“We’re bringing in two more crews that will help us we’re going to be at this for the next several days, into the weekend and into early next week before we have the majority of our customers online,” said Kom. “Typically it’s from 13th St. to 24th St. and we also have pockets of groups of customers that are out over by the sororities, Beach, and ironically Storm street.”

The City has been letting people know the status of their work, as thousands wait without electricity. But issuing an exact prediction is very tough.

“If I tell somebody hey will have your power on next couple of days, then I don’t want to give anybody a false hope,” said Kom. “We are working as fast as we can and a lot of it comes down to just how much tree damage, and how much pole damage, and how many lines are on the ground, and where it’s located to get to you.”

The City has been communicating with residents without power, by sending people door to door with paper announcements. Also the City Twitter account and website has current updates.

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