City Hears Frustrations Over Noise from Water Works Concerts

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DES MOINES, Iowa — Des Moines residents voiced their concerns over outdoor concerts at a special meeting Tuesday night.

Nearly a dozen residents, some who live as far away as three miles from the newly built Water Works Park Amphitheater, say recent concerts have made it unbearable to enjoy their own homes.

The city’s community development department is considering an update to the code. Zoning enforcement manager SuAnn Donovan led discussions in an attempt to find a compromise between the peace and quiet residents expect and the culture and music that makes Des Moines an attractive place for events.

“We shouldn`t be the ones who are stuck with noise pollution in our neighborhoods because a professional paid to do their job did it badly. Two miles away I should hear nothing,” said Melissa, who lives near High Street and 31st Street.

“I have had the dishes in my cupboards rattle from the concerts that are over three miles away,” said Catherine Porter, who lives in the Woodland Heights neighborhood.

The city will take Tuesday night’s discussion to council members for a workshop sometime in October.


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