Cities Say Plowing Main Roads Takes Priority

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CLIVE, Iowa  —  Central Iowa got three to five inches of snow overnight and the plows were on the roads the entire time.

Many people wonder why the roads in front of their house do not get plowed as quickly as the main roads.

“Your mains take priority, and then smaller collector streets, and then we work our way down into the less frequently traveled road,” Clive Public Works Roadway Maintenance Supervisor Jason Stevens said.

Every city is slightly different in their snow plow plans, but the City of Clive says plows will give priority to main roads, over residential roads, if they are in bad conditions.

“We are always there for priority areas, that could be an emergency response vehicle, we could have to go help an ambulance get to a resident in need. We’re very fluid and adaptive to the snow,” Stevens said.

Clive_Snow_Operations includes nine trucks that are assigned to different sections of the city. It can take three or four trucks at a time to plow main roads so the majority of their resources will go there first.

The main thorough fairs are the top priority, they will do everything they can to keep those clear first before or after they go through residential areas.

Clive Public Works said plows will come by several times depending on the need. They said they ideally have the roads cleared, for to six hours after the last snowfall.

With any kind of winter weather, Clive asks the public to move their cars out of the street.

“With the trucks being the size that they are, we physically can’t get down some of the roads if there are cars parked on it,” Stevens said. “If cars are parked sometimes, we’re unable to make it down the road, other times there is potential damage to city property and personal vehicles in icy conditions.”

They say those who live in cul-de-sacs will have to wait a little longer for their streets to be plowed properly.

“You will see our trucks in the cul-de-sacs, but our trucks are too large to effectively do the cul-de-sacs, so a different department comes back later to fully plow and treat the cul-de-sacs,” Stevens said.

Be sure to visit your city’s Public Works website for more information.


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