Cities and Residents Work Together to Keep Roads Safe During the Winter

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CLIVE, Iowa  --  A slip or fall on a snowy or icy sidewalk, or a winter weather related car accident  can be dangerous.  That’s why it’s important that residents, businesses, and cities do their part to keep walkways and roads clear during winter weather conditions.

Cities around the state ask residents to move their cars out of the road at the first sign of snow or ice. This is so snow plows can safely and efficiently plow residential streets without having to maneuver around parked cars.

“And if snow or ice is forecast overnight, be proactive and move your parked vehicles off the street so plow operators working through the night can get good work done,” City of Clive’s Assistant City Manager Peter De Kock said.

When it comes to driving near snow plows on the highway it is important to remain 50 feet in front of or behind the snow plow and try to avoid driving along the sides.

“The most dangerous spot on the snow plow is the right side. There is a blind spot and it is very hard to see,” Jason Stevens Clive Streets and Operations Supervisor said.

There is a camera on the back of the snow plow, but Stevens said many times with lots of snow and bright headlights even that visibility can be lost.

Not only are these plows shoveling snow off the roads, but they are also spreading salt. Last year, Clive spread 1,556 tons of salt on city roads.

“Salt is used to remove the snow or ice from the streets and make them safe for the general public,” Clive Public Works Director Jeff May said.

The salt used by Clive is pretreated. “Salt that comes out of the mines in Kansas is good until about 25 degrees. Anything below that the salt is not as effective. We have treated our salt to make it more effective at lower temperatures and prevents it from clumping, so we can spread it more evenly,” May said.

Clive already spread salt on the roads last Sunday and will continue to spread it every time there is ice or snow on the roads.


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