DES MOINES, Iowa — Single digit temperatures are approaching central Iowa faster than most people had hoped for. And because of the sudden drop Central Iowa Shelters & Services (CISS) in downtown Des Moines is holding a weather amnesty weekend.

“So, 10 degrees and we start preparing the shelter because we need to open up for the overflow, seating and sleeping arrangements,” said Melissa Alto-Kintigh, the Director of Marketing & Business Development at CISS.

The shelter expects there to be double the number of homeless individuals that are usually there on a daily basis. The weather amnesty will last from Friday night to Monday.

The freezing temperatures pose a serious threat to people without the proper attire.

“We’ve had clients stick to the ground, so we really take care to make sure if, for whatever reason, they won’t come to the shelter that we supply them with warmth and dryness,” said Alto Kingtigh.

The shelter provides people who don’t come in with jackets, hats, mittens and whatever else they need to keep them warm.

The shelter also needs donations to keep people warm during the season, you can find more information on their website.