Cindy Axne hears wish list of infrastructure spending from metro city leaders


CLIVE, IOWA — City leaders will be applying for grants soon to help improve infrastructure stemming from the infrastructure bill passed by the Biden administration back in November.

U.S. Congresswoman Cindy Axne met with city leaders around her district Wednesday morning to listen to concerns and explain how to go apply for funding as well. She said that this bill is a good start for the people of Iowa.

“Would I like to see a little more on our infrastructure bill? Absolutely I think we could have done a little bit more but listen, it is all compromise and we came out with a really good package that addresses the most important issues that Iowans are facing,” said Axne

Local leaders voiced concerns varying from water treatment, bridges and roads, and expanding broadband network services. The bigger communities made it clear that there was a need for the funding now as their cities keep expanding.

“Any help we can get from an infrastructure side because that is 90 percent of what we do,” said Courtney Clarke, the Mayor of Waukee. “To help us fund future projects for a number of things not just streets that go to our schools, but streets that connect other cities to our interstate.”

Clarke added that Waukee had spent $45 million on infrastructure last year and more improvements are needed with the growth of the community. For the smaller communities, they voiced their concern about making sure there was money that would be available for them, as they try not to fall behind.

“The small communities are getting overlooked is what we are thinking,” said Gerald Long, the Mayor of Runnells. “We don’t have all the facilities to write all the grants and do all that stuff. It costs us money and we just don’t have the facilities to do all that.”

Axne assured leaders that there would be enough money to go around and highlighted that larger communities need to coordinate growth together to help save dollars.

“Let’s take those bigger communities and make sure we aren’t wasting money by a grant here a grant there that is overlapping,” said Axne. “Let’s fix it so it really is using the money in the best way so we can do more for towns like a Runnells as well.”

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