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Louisiana  —  A Christmas miracle in the form of a balloon almost found its way to Santa Claus on Friday.

Six-year-old Ke’ani Page from Louisiana thought her letter to Santa might make its way to the North Pole faster if it traveled by air. On the night before Thanksgiving, she decided to release a balloon into the air with her letter attached. What had she asked for? A tablet, light-up shoes, and a turtle.

Four days later, her balloon and note were found nearly 800 miles away in Indiana — about 10 miles south of a town called Santa Claus.

“I’m trying not to cry, but this is a Christmas miracle,” says Sheena Page, Ke’ani’s mother.

Rachel Goffinet and her family found the letter, and decided to give Santa a little help granting Ke’ani’s wish.

“To get her what she had asked for is something that we wanted to do for another family this year,” says Goffinet.

After tracking down the Pages’ address with help from Ke’ani’s mother and school, Goffinet decided to buy all the presents on Ke’ani’s list, wrap them up, and send them to Louisiana, so that on Friday morning there were a few extra presents under the girl’s tree.

“I thought it was awesome, but I thought it would’ve just come right back down. I never thought it would make it to where it did,” says Ke’ani’s mother, about the balloon. “This is a Christmas miracle and I do believe. I believe in miracles.”