CHRISTMAS TREES: Busy Season Arrives For Farmers

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People’s reasons for buying real trees for Christmas are as different as their taste in trees. But the Bentley family is here for Abigail.

“I never smelled a real Christmas tree and I’ve never seen one,” Abigail said.

And people want to smell that pine earlier every year.

“Ten years ago our busiest weekends were around December 15th. This year particularly and the last few years we’re tending to get them more around Thanksgiving,” said Jill Brady of Miller Tree Farm.

The selling season is short for tree farmers, but growing the trees takes time.

“We have to anticipate the market. What do you think it will be seven to eight years from today? You tell me,” said owner Jack Miller.

And predicting the market is about as easy as predicting the weather… Which was terrible this year. All the trees Miller planted last spring died.

To guard against big losses, Miller rotates his 40 acres. Planting new trees in a few acres each year. He says the only thing he can rely on are their loyal customers.

“We had a person in yesterday that had been coming 46 years,” Miller said.

It’s Abigail’s first time smelling a real Christmas tree.  And it likely won’t be her last.

“I want real trees every year,” Miller said.


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