Christmas Gift Returns Means More Traffic For Local Malls

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Shoppers return to metro malls to return gifts after Christmas. (NBC)
Shoppers return to metro malls to return gifts after Christmas. (NBC)

After scrambling to finish all the last-minute shopping in the days leading up to Christmas, a little relaxation seems like just the thing shoppers would need. The day after the holiday, though, brings nearly the same amount of traffic to stores and shopping malls.

But instead of going to purchase gifts, many shoppers are heading out to return presents that don’t work, don’t fit, or they simply don’t want, according to NBC reporter Chris Clackum.

The odds are that shoppers will return one out of every 10 gifts they received this year, and more if the purchases were made online.

“As much as 30-40% of things that are bought online can be returned,” says Courtney Reagan of CNBC.

Reagan recently wrote about the many gifts that are unhappily returned after Christmas, and what retailers do with all of these items.

“Maybe they sell it like an ‘open box’ merchandise. Best buy does that a lot. Or, in some cases, it has to be sent to a liquidator or wholesaler,” she says.

Clackum notes that there is also considerable pressure on retailers to please customers, even when customers are exploiting the transaction.

“Many women, in fact, will order dresses or clothing in more than one size because hey’re just not sure. They never intend to keep all three of those exact same dresses, just the one that fits.”

And just as Christmas is sure to return in the coming years, shoppers can be expected to return to malls to take back some of the gifts they were given.

Today is the last day to take advantage of extended holiday hours at malls around the metro, including Jordan Creek, Valley West, and Merle Hay.


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