Chris Soules Sentencing Delayed Again After Judge Throws Out Victim Impact Statements

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INDEPENDENCE, Iowa  —  Chris Soules will have to wait longer to learn his sentence for leaving the scene of a deadly accident.

In 2017, Soules is accused of rear-ending a tractor driven by Kenny Mosher who was thrown from his vehicle and killed.  Soules stayed at the scene to attend to Mosher until authorities were called.  He left the scene before they arrived.  Soules agreed to plead guilty to leaving the scene of the crash, but was not charged with actually killing Mosher.

On Tuesday a Buchanan County judge agreed to delay sentencing after a pair of rulings in court at what was supposed to be a sentencing hearing.  Attorneys for Soules argued that the court was unfairly considering victim impact from Mosher’s children because they accused Soules of a crime he wasn’t found guilty of.   Judge Andrea Dryer agreed and threw out the statements.

Soules’ attorneys then argued that because Dryer had read the victim impact statements already, the sentence she was prepared to hand down may have been swayed.  Both the defense and prosecutors asked the judge that a new pre-sentencing report be prepared for Dryer to consider.  Dryer agreed and the court will now wait on that report before a new sentencing date is set.

Soules faces up to two years in prison.

In a separate court case, Soules agreed to pay a $2.5 million to the Mosher family to settle a wrongful death lawsuit.


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