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BUCHANAN COUNTY, Iowa — The 911 call Chris Soules made shortly after his pickup truck crashed into a tractor Monday night has been released.

During the call Soules tells a dispatcher he rear-ended a tractor and the driver was in the ditch and appeared not to be breathing. The dispatcher asked if he knew how to do CPR and he replied “no” and later asked other people who had arrived on the scene whether anyone knew CPR.

Someone counting off CPR compressions is heard in the background but it is unclear who was doing CPR. At one point Soules says they did find a pulse.

Listen to the call below:

Soules left the scene of the accident before law enforcement arrived.

The driver of the tractor, 66-year-old Kenneth Mosher of Aurora, died from his injuries.

He was arrested early Tuesday morning and is charged with leaving the scene of a fatal accident. He was released from jail after this mother posted a $10,000 cash bond Tuesday morning.