Chocolaterie Stam Doesn’t Take Shortcuts to Make The Perfect Chocolate Easter Bunny

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DES MOINES, Iowa – Chocolaterie Stam hand paints its Easter Chocolate Bunnies for the holiday. The art of hand painting the chocolate on bunny molds has been passed down generations.

Master Chocolatier Erick Stam said, “You decorate those on the inside. We apply that with pastry bags and paint brushes.”

Once the chocolate hardens and settles the molds will be clipped together and are ready for dipping.

“Shake the bubbles out, empty it and then it is put on a layer of chocolate. That is actually the bottom. That’s how you create a hollow figure,” Erik Stam said.

Chocolaterie Stam first opened in Assendelft, Holland back in 1913. Ton Stam brought his father’s chocolates over to the states in 1978, making Des Moines his new home.

Five people work inside the chocolate factory producing around 8,000 hand-made bunnies. The process started back when everyone else was thinking about Valentine’s Day.

“There is a lot that goes to it, but the customer sees the perfect result. That’s what we are going for,” Erik Stam said.

Once the chocolate bunnies are made here in Des Moines, they are distributed to Chocolaterie Stam’s 10 locations across the country.

Chocolaterie Stam President Ton Stam said his favorite part is bringing the family together to make these bunnies. It reminds him of his childhood and helping out at the original store in Holland.

“Someone’s heart is in it. You know, someone who cares made it for you. There is a human connection to the product you are getting. It’s not made by a massive machine, by the tens of thousands per hour,” Ton Stam said.

The bunnies come in a variety of styles and sizes. In addition, the company makes custom chocolate Easter eggs and chocolate lambs.

Ton Stam said any bunnies that are left over will be donated to the local shelters for families to enjoy.

For custom orders call your local store.


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