Chocolaterie Stam Debuts New Chocolate Flavor Ahead of Valentine's Day


DES MOINES, Iowa – Chocolaterie Stam debuts new chocolate flavor before Valentine’s Day.

‘Ruby Chocolate’ has a natural rose pink color and fruit flavor.

Co-Owner Ton Stam said, “The first time I saw it I thought well there’s color in it, but there isn’t. That’s the biggest surprise to me cause you can nowadays get chocolate in any color of the rainbow and all that is food coloring. Well this is not.”

The chocolate is made from a ruby cocoa bean that is mainly found in Brazil.

“It was done out of Belgium and it was done about 18 months ago. They patented the process. It’s done by a company that we do a lot of business with in Belgium and they came up with the cubature. They have patented it and they have also made us keep it a great secret of how exactly they do it,” Stam said.

The chocolate company has two versions of the new treat one in the shape of a flower and the other in Stam bonbons. Fillings include chocolate ganache, chocolate mousse and pamplemousse white.

“It’s been doing very well. People have actually called in and seen it and ask about it, so people are curious about it,” Stam said.

The flavor will be added to the menu permanently.


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