DES MOINES – ChildServe has started their expansion to their Ames facility, adding 9,000 square feet of space and doubling the number of children they are able to provide service too.

ChildServe is the largest provider of pediatric specialty care in central Iowa. However they are at capacity when it comes to the number of children the provide care for.

Dr. Teri Wahlig, the CEO of ChildServe, said that the need for pediatric specialty care is higher than ever before.

“We always see an increase in need for services for children with special healthcare needs.” Dr. Wahlig said, “In our areas of pediatric rehabilitation we are seeing an increase in need and waitlist. Our autism services are seeing a huge increase in need, Behavioral health mental health services across the board.”.

ChildServe expects their expansion to double the amount of children they are able to provide services for.

“Space has been a constraint for many years at our Ames facility and our team has got very creative with ways to use space. Nearly every conference room has been converted to a treatment space, in fact we’ve even leased some space across the street to provide some more treatment space and office facilities for our team so they are very excited to expand the Ames facility really doubling the size of the space so we can double the number of children served.” Dr. Wahlig said.

ChildServe is still fundraising money for the project. Once the expansion to the facility is completed they will still need equipment to provide healthcare to children with special needs.

To learn more about the expansion to ChildServe’s Ames facility, visit their website.